Protecting What Matters

Protecting What Matters

2023 Annual Report

Our Work

Our public lands and the stories they preserve are vital. Together with our partners, the National Park Foundation (NPF) protects the natural wonders of our parks and the histories they share. We support wildlife conservation efforts, promote sustainable practices, and invest in innovative work that will transform the way we experience parks. Our work ensures that these places continue to thrive for future generations.

By the Numbers


wildlife species protected 


acres added to the national park system 


miles of trail built or maintained

Natural Wonders

With more than 85 million acres managed by the National Park Service (NPS), there’s a lot of work to do to preserve and maintain the incredible landscapes and wildlife of our national parks. Working in lockstep with NPS, NPF supports a variety of programs and projects that protect our parks and the species within them.

Landscapes of History

National parks are more than just scenic vistas — they encompass hundreds of significant historical sites pivotal to telling the full story of America and our public lands. NPF supports efforts to ensure these places are preserved and interpreted for current and future generations, as well as collaborations between groups to honor the diverse stories within and surrounding our national parks.

Greening Our Parks

Since 2012, NPS has worked to enact its Green Parks Plan, making considerable progress towards sustainability goals. Partnering closely with NPS, NPF is supporting projects in parks to help them work towards these goals, making strides in reducing parks’ environmental impact.

The Future of Parks

America’s national parks have inspired us for more than 100 years. It’s important that we continue to support parks so they can be enjoyed for centuries to come. NPF works closely with NPS to support programs that will ensure national parks can meet their current and future needs, including increased visitation numbers, employee housing, and visitor centers.